Practice Areas

Pratice Areas

Tuskh Law and Associates is your trusted partner for legal management, data protection, and compliance with one goal in mind: to transform the way you handle your legal matters in order to save you time and enhance your operational efficiency.

Comprehensive Legal Services for Businesses and Individuals

When we say comprehensive, we truly mean it. Tuskh Law and Associates possesses the experience and expertise to deliver excellent legal services across a wide spectrum, ensuring a holistic approach to law.

Some law firms may struggle to offer full consulting or specialized practice areas. However, your organization requires a complete legal experience to alleviate concerns about legal matters. Learn more about our practice areas below.

Corporate and Commercial Law

Specializing in all aspects of business law including mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, and commercial contracts, we provide comprehensive guidance to secure your corporate objectives.

Dispute Resolution

Our team handles all forms of litigation, arbitration, and mediation, ensuring effective resolution of disputes while minimizing risk and disruption to your business.

Restructuring and Insolvency

We advise on restructuring processes, insolvency cases, and financial recoveries, helping businesses navigate challenges and turn around their operations effectively.

Employment Law

Covering all aspects of employment law from contracts and compliance to disputes and terminations, we protect your interests and ensure fair treatment in the workplace.

Family Law

We offer sensitive and confidential handling of all family law matters, including divorce, child custody, and prenuptial agreements, ensuring the best outcomes for all involved.

Wills, Probate, and Trusts

Our experts provide thoughtful estate planning, drafting of wills, and management of trusts and probate processes, securing your legacy and easing future transitions.

Banking and Finance

Advising on all types of financial transactions, compliance, securities, loans, and more, we ensure your dealings are solid and secure from a legal standpoint.

Investment Funds

We offer legal advice on the establishment, operation, and management of private equity and hedge funds, helping clients navigate complex regulatory landscapes.

Regulatory and Compliance

Our practice ensures that your business operations adhere to all relevant laws and regulations, reducing risk and enhancing compliance across jurisdictions.

Criminal Law and White Collar Crime

We defend clients against criminal charges, particularly focusing on white-collar crimes such as fraud, embezzlement, and bribery, ensuring robust legal defense.

Intellectual Property

Protecting your ideas and innovations, we handle IP rights, litigations, and negotiations, ensuring your intellectual assets are properly secured.

Technology, Media, Telecommunications

We navigate complex legal issues in technology, media, and telecommunications, offering strategic advice on contracts, rights, and regulatory compliance.

Public Interest and Equal Rights

Committed to societal change, we handle cases involving human rights, environmental law, and public interest issues, striving for justice and equality.

Hospitality and Liquor Licensing

Specializing in the unique needs of the hospitality industry, we manage licensing applications, compliance issues, and business operations for bars, restaurants, and hotels.

Notarial Services

Providing a full range of notarial services, including document certification, authentication, and drafting of statutory declarations and affidavits, ensuring legal validity.

Fraud and Asset Tracing

We specialize in identifying, tracking, and recovering assets lost through fraud, using sophisticated techniques to restore financial integrity to individuals and businesses.


Providing thorough and discreet investigation services, we help uncover truths and inform legal strategies, specializing in corporate, financial, and private investigations.

Why choose Tuskh?

At Tuskh Law and Associates, we empower our clients to navigate complex legal landscapes more effectively, giving them a competitive advantage in their respective fields. Our personalized legal services enhance operational efficiency and foster trust among stakeholders. We tailor our offerings to align precisely with your unique objectives and challenges.

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